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Brass is a yellowish alloy made of copper and zinc. Additional elements can be added to increase corrosion resistance, strength, ductility, hardness, conductivity, machinability, wear resistance and recyclability.

Uses of brass include musical instruments, firearm cartridge casing, radiators, architectural trim, pipes, tubing, screws, decorative items, electric cables, switchgear, automotive components to name a few.

We stock brass in a variety of forms :-

Brass Angle / Brass T Section

We keep brass angle and tee in grade CW620N. This grade gives it a more decorative finish when using for edging, windows, brackets for instance. Tee is often used in the construction and shop fitting industry.

Brass Plate

We stock plate in C46400 which is known as marine grade. We stock a range of thicknesses from 3 mm – 4’’.

Our C46400 plate has good corrosion resistance, can be used in sea water and is widely used in heat exchange equipment

Brass Round Bar

We stock Brass bar in a large variety of sizes in round, flat-bar, square & hexagon. We keep all bars in CZ121 but we also keep grades CZ112 & CZ114 in round bar. All brass bars are good workability (also known as free machining material).

All brass bars are manufactured in Europe giving a high quality of material. The grades of brass we keep are commonly used for gears, bearings and values etc and are used in the plumbing & electrical sector.

Brass Sheet

We stock brass sheet in CZ108.

We keep a large range of stock in 2 metre x 1 metre sheets ranging 0.7 mm thick up to 5 mm thick.

All sheets can be cut down to size to suit your needs.

Our material is polishing quality, forming quality and is suitable for decorative purposes.

We also keep 3 mm thick in grade C46400 (not forming quality).

High Tensile Rod

We keep a variety of high tensile rod which is used in a variety of industries and used for making bolts, screws, casting, and bushes amongst other disciplines.

Product features corrosion resistance, excellent finish and high tensile strength.

Stock is available in a number of lengths and thicknesses.

Naval Brass Plate / Naval Brass Rod

We stock a range of naval brass plate, sheet and rod in a variety of lengths and thicknesses.

C46400 Naval Brass provides a high degree of corrosion resistance to seawater at even higher than normal temperatures while also assuring greater strength and rigidity.

Brass Specifications:

CZ108 / CW508L ~ Brass sheet and plate ~ general purpose alloy
CZ112 / CW712R ~ Brass bar ~ naval brass corrosion resistance
CZ114 / CW721R ~ Brass bar ~ high tensile brass (aka manganese bronze)
CZ121 / CW614N ~ Brass bar ~ high speed machining
C46400 / C464 ~ Brass plate and sheet ~ naval brass corrosion resistance

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