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At S&D Non-Ferrous, we are an independent stockist of Non-Ferrous Metals, including Brass. Brass is a yellowish alloy made of copper and zinc. Additional elements can be added to brass to increase its corrosion resistance, strength, ductility, hardness, conductivity, machinability, wear resistance and recyclability.

Popular uses include brass musical instruments, brass architectural trim, and brass decorative items. This Non-Ferrous Metal is also commonly used for brass pipes and brass tubing, brass firearm cartridge casing, brass radiators, and brass electric cables, as well as brass switchgear, brass screws, and brass automotive components, to name a few.


The UK's Leading Brass Supplier

Here at S&D Non-Ferrous, we stock brass material in many forms, including Brass Angles and T-Sections, Brass Plates, Brass Bars and Rods, Brass Sheets, and Brass Plates. Read on for more information about each of our brass products:


Brass Angle 

Brass angle’s key purpose has always principally been for water fittings, thanks to the high corrosion resistance of brass. However, because we keep brass angles in grade CW614N & CW623N, giving the brass a more decorative finish, our brass angle is also commonly used where appearance is important, such as for edging, windows, and brackets. Brass angle is usually supplied unpolished, but we also give the option to select brass angles with a polished or brushed finish too.

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Brass T Section

Brass Tee is sturdy and adaptable, making it a popular choice often used in the construction and shop fitting industry. Thanks to the high corrosion resistance and excellent soldering abilities of our brass t sections, they also work well for demanding tasks like architectural modelling.

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Brass Plate

We stock Naval Brass Plate in CW712R, which boasts strength, rigidity, and an extremely high degree of corrosion resistance in both sea water and fresh water, as well as in temperatures far above average. For this reason, grade CW712R is known as marine grade, and this brass plate is the leading metal of choice within the marine industry. We stock a range of Brass Plate thicknesses here at S&D Non-Ferrous.

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Brass Bar & Brass Rod

If you’re searching for stockists of superior quality Brass Bars and Brass Rods, you’re in the right place. As a leading stockist in Non-Ferrous Metals, we stock Brass Bar in a large variety of sizes and profiles, including Round Brass Bars, Flat Brass Bars, Hollow Brass Bars, Square Brass Bars, and Hexagonal Brass Bars. We keep all brass bars in grade CW614N, but we also keep grades CW623N in flat bars, which are often used as decorative trimmings, rub-rails, or shims. All brass bars are manufactured in Europe giving a high quality of material. All brass bars have excellent workability and versatility, and are commonly used for gears, bearings, values and other areas of the plumbing & electrical sector.

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Brass Sheet

Brass Sheet is very versatile, often used across the education, interior design, and craftwork industries. We stock a large range of 2m by 1m Brass Sheets from 0.45mm thickness up to 6mm thickness. All Brass Sheets stocked by S&D Non-Ferrous are available in grade CW508L, which has a great polishing quality, ideal for decorative applications. We also stock Naval Brass Sheet in grade C46400. All sheets can be cut down to size to suit your needs.

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High Tensile Rod

At S&D Non-Ferrous, we stock a vast array of High Tensile Brass Rods that can be cut to the length you require and used in a variety of industries. We also stock High Tensile Rods in ‘Magnese Brass’, otherwise known as grade CW721R, which has impressive hot-forming properties and a decorative, eye catching finish. Our High Tensile Brass Rod is available in a range of lengths and thicknesses.


Naval Brass Rod

We stock a range of Brass Bars and Brass Rods in Naval Brass (Grade CW712R), making the bars extremely corrosion resistant whether in fresh or salt water, as well as being robust, sturdy, and the perfect choice where a tough metal is required, e.g. in marine engineering or architecture. At S&D Non-Ferrous we stock Naval Brass Rod in a variety of lengths and thicknesses.


70/30 Cartridge Brass

70/30 Cartridge Brass has a composition of copper and zinc. As a copper alloy that’s further categorized as brass, Cartridge Brass has the highest ductility of all the brasses, it is also strong and impressively resistant to corrosion, making it a great choice in the automotive, electrical and plumbing industries.

S & D Non-Ferrous’ selection of 70/30 brass is kept in the most common variant of cartridge brass: CW505L. This form of cartridge brass is primarily available and purchased in sheet formation.


9/10 Gilding Metal

At S & D Non-Ferrous, we stock Gilding Metal in grade CW501L, which has a high resilience to dezincification and stress corrosion, and a striking appearance due to its golden colour, making it a classic choice in architecture, craft and decoration.

90/10 Gilding Metal is an alloy amalgamation of approximately 10% zinc and 90% copper. Gilding metal is predominantly supplied in a sheet form, it boasts excellent formability and cold working properties, and can easily be engraved, soldered, brazed, or enameled.


Brass Specifications:

CZ108 / CW508L ~ Brass sheet and plate ~ general purpose alloy
CZ112 / CW712R ~ Brass bar ~ naval brass corrosion resistance
CZ114 / CW721R ~ Brass bar ~ high tensile brass (aka manganese bronze)
CZ121 / CW614N ~ Brass bar ~ high speed machining
C46400 / C464 ~ Brass plate and sheet ~ naval brass corrosion resistance


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