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Brass Profiles Made to Drawing

With over 30 years’ experience of working with non-ferrous metals, we have acquired the skills and experience to produce high-quality, custom brass profiles, tailor made completely to suit the requirements and drawings of our clients.

A combination of state-of-the-art machinery and technology combined with a team of thoroughly professional and skilled craftsmen, means we have the capacity to produce made to drawing brass profiles in a variety of shapes, sizes or formations made to any request for all applications.

We are able to produce the most technically demanding brass profiles with tight dimensional tolerances such as L-shape, Y-shape, H-shapes, C-connectors, or any other brass extrusion profile you may require.

Some brass profile shapes that we are commonly tasked with manufacturing to client drawings are:

  • Brass Angles – We generally manufacture made to drawing brass angles for use in decorative purposes. Common uses of brass angle profiles are for ornate trimming, shop fittings, instruments or furniture accessorising.
  • Brass Tees – Requests for made to drawing brass tees commonly come from those in the plumbing or oil industries. We can manufacture brass tees to suit any specification, to fit on the end of any water, oil or air pipes and hoses, or for any other purpose.
  • Brass Flat Bar – Our made to order brass flats bars are the ideal decorative complement to any interior or design project. Suitable for interior decoration, ornate trimmings, shop fitting, furniture making and beyond, our brass flat bars are multi-purpose.
  • Brass Channels – Made to drawing brass channels are the ideal framing for wood or glass in any industrial, commercial or residential environment. We manufacture brass channels to your exact specifications to ensure you get the perfect corner fit every time.

Whether you are looking for polish or unpolished brass profiles, made to drawing or your unique specifications, our specialist brass profile manufacturers have the expertise to produce extruded brass profiles in any shape or size and with any finish.

Custom brass profiles for decorative purposes, brass tees and brass channels for example, are manufactured in brass grade CW623N, as the addition of aluminium reduces the need for manual polishing.

If you need superior made to drawing brass profiles, please contact us today on 0121 525 5500, or send your drawings to our talented team, who will be able to transform your drawings into the ultimate brass profile!

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