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S&D supply an extensive range of copper for the application of EDM electrodes. We stock high-quality EDM copper to help you achieve the best results for your electrical discharge machining (EDM) processes. As well as standard electrolytic copper, we also supply tellurium copper (Telco) for applications that require more intricate electrodes.

EDM Copper Properties

EDM copper is a type of copper electrode that has been designed for use in EDM machining. This process is also referred to as spark erosion and wire erosion depending on the level of accuracy needed. EDM electrode materials like copper are known for strength, high conductivity and erosion resistance. This makes EDM copper an excellent choice for EDM applications including hole drilling and die sinking. Copper EDM electrodes can be effectively used on both hard and soft metals and are particularly useful when applications require a fine finish.

EDM processes use EDM electrodes to cut, drill and shape metals that can’t be cut or shaped using traditional machining methods. The most suitable EDM electrode materials are those that have properties to allow electrical charges to flow quickly for effective drilling, cutting or shaping whilst being resistant to the erosion caused by the same electrical discharges. This is why EDM copper is a commonly used electrode material thanks to its good conductivity and corrosion-resistant properties.

Tellurium copper is often considered the best copper for EDM electrodes due to its 90% machinability rating compared to a 20% rating for pure copper. In addition to its high machinability rating, tellurium copper produces fast wire EDM speeds making it well-suited to processes where intricacy and detail are essential.

High-Quality EDM Electrode Suppliers

At S&D, we supply a range of standard electrolytic copper in the following profiles:

  • Copper flat bar
  • Copper square bar
  • Copper round bar
  • Copper cut plate

If you require EDM electrodes for more intricate processes, we stock a large range of tellurium copper in both round and flat sections.

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Uses of EDM Copper:

  • Widely used to create EDM copper electrodes for electrical discharge machining
  • Used for manufacturing shapes in metal that cannot be cut using traditional machining methods

Industries That Use EDM Copper:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Injection Moulding
  • Electronics

Services available for our edm-copper stock

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Fast Turnaround

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