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Phosphor Bronze

S & D Non-Ferrous is a leading independent stockist of Non-Ferrous Metals, including Phosphor Bronze. Phosphor Bronze is a hard form of bronze alloy that contains small amounts of phosphorus, making it tough, strong, and extra resistant to corrosion, as phosphorus increases the stiffness of the bronze.

Thanks to its notable strength, toughness, and fine grain, Phosphor Bronze is often used industrially for uses like creating bolts, springs, and other items that likely need to resist wear, fatigue, and even chemical corrosion.

At S&D Non-Ferrous, we stock Phosphor Bronze material in many forms, including Phosphor Bronze Flat Bar, Phosphor Bronze Hexagon Rod, Phosphor Bronze Hollow Rod, Phosphor Bronze Round Bar, and Phosphor Bronze Square Bar, as well as Phosphor Bronze Sheet and Phosphor Bronze Plate. Read on for more information:

Phosphor Bronze Plate & Phosphor Bronze Sheet 

If you’re looking for high-grade phosphor bronze plates and sheets, you’re in the right place. S&D Non-Ferrous is a leading stockist of high quality Phosphor Bronze Sheets in the most popularly used grade of phosphor bronze: CW451K.

Phosphor bronze sheet is most popularly used for electrical purposes because of its great forming properties, easy welding, high wear resistance, and fatigue resistance too. Other common uses include Shafts and Gears, Valve Parts, Masonry Fixings, Spring Washers, and many decorative items.

We stock our CW451K phosphor bronze plates in a variety of thicknesses ranging from 1.2mm up to 64mm, meaning there is great versatility to suit your needs.

All of the phosphor bronze sheets stocked by S & D are produced in Europe, guaranteeing that we supply only the best products to our customers 

Phosphor Bronze Bar & Phosphor Bronze Rod 

S & D Non-Ferrous stocks high quality phosphor bronze bars in two of the most popular industrial grade choices for phosphor bronze rods:  CW451K and CC481K.

Due to its durability, CW451K phosphor bronze rod is often used when strength, ductility, and corrosion-resistance is needed. Thanks to its resistance to sparking and high temperatures, it is also an ideal choice for sleeve bearings, masonry fixings, and even chemical applications. 

We stock Phosphor Bronze Bar in a wide variety of profiles, including:

Our Phosphor Bronze bars range from ½ inch to 2 ½ inches in diameter, and their length can also be tailor cut to your exact requirements.


PB102 / CW451K / C51000 ~ Phosphor Bronze bar, sheet and plate ~ general purpose engineering.

Phosphor Bronze Profiles we Stock

Flat Bar
Hexagon Bar
Hollow Bar
Round Bar
Round Bar
Square Bar
Square Bar

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