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Bronze Bar & Rod

S & D Non-Ferrous is a UK’s premier stockist of bronze bars in an assortment of forms and profiles. Our collection includes bronze hollow bars, round, hexagon and bronze flat bars; there is a bronze rod profile to satisfy any custom applications. 

Bronze alloy is primarily made from copper, with the occasional introduction of other metals such as aluminium, manganese, zinc or nickel, with the most common composition being a 12% to 15% introduction of tin. 

Typically characterised in appearance by its dull gold colour, some desirable chemical properties of bronze tubes are incredibly high levels of ductility, strong corrosion resistance, high electrical conductivity, low-friction and the alloy is also a better heat conductor than most steels. 

Bronze bars are highly adaptable due to their useful chemical attributes, and they can be used in a broad spectrum of circumstances. Some of the most frequented uses of solid bronze rods are for the fabrication of sculptures and medals, marine applications such as valve and pump components because of its high corrosion resistance to seawater and in countless industrial applications.

Our bronze bar stock consists of three bronze varieties; aluminium bronze bars, phosphor bronze bars and leaded bronze bars – but which is best for you? 

Aluminium Bronze Rods

Aluminium bronze bars are known for their impressive corrosion and wear resistance as well as having excellent durability, rendering them ideal for use in the marine and offshore industries. On top of this, aluminium bronze bars are prevalent in the industrial and electrical industries due to their high electrical and heat conductivity and touch structure. 

S & D stocks aluminium bronze rods in grade CW07G in a range of diameters to suit all applications, from ½ inch to 8-inch diameter. 

Phosphor Bronze Rods

S & D’s phosphor bronze bars are available in grade CW451K and CC481K; the two most popular choice of bronze bars across a plethora of industries. 

CW451K is favoured for its ductility and strength, as well as its high heat and corrosion resistance, and it is commonly used in applications in the chemical industry, such as masonry fixings and sleeve bearings. 

Phosphor bronze rods from S & D come in sizes from ½ inch, up to 2 ½ inches in diameter and the length can be custom cut to your specific requirements.  

Leaded Bronze Rods

S & D’s collection of leaded bronze bars are primarily manufactured in grade CC491K; known for its formidable machining properties, pressure tightness and outstanding corrosion resistance, even in seawater or brine. 

The aesthetics of solid leaded bronze rods means they are also an agreeable choice for decorative trimmings and architectural features, such as door frames, furniture hardware and handrails.  

Regardless of the bronze bar you choose, you can buy with full confidence that all of S & D’s bronze rods have been manufactured in Europe to ensure that you, our customer, receive the highest quality bronze bar that meets all EU regulations and industry standard. 

For more information on our bronze rods, or for help from the S & D experts in choosing the best size, grade and finish of bronze bar to suit your application, contact us today on 0121 525 5500 and we will be happy to assist!


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